July 2008

Design work from Alice Palace

By Alice on Wednesday July 30th 2008 at 14:41

All Alice Palace designs can be individually customised and they are available for personalised use on shopper bags, postcards and greetings cards such as wedding invites, Christmas cards and gift vouchers..

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Stand out from the competition

By Alice on Tuesday July 29th 2008 at 15:32

‘In this world of similarity and mediocrity we only need to be 5% different from the compettion to stand out.’

Why not try some of the Alice Palace greetings cards - they’re very different!! The new designs to be launched at Top Drawer Autumn include a new range of fairies and the things that they love called ‘Fairy love’, more ‘Yummy things’ (cocktails, coffee, strawberries, cake, honey, cupcakes, champagne..), some more ‘Nice & wordy’ designs and some lovely new baby cards too. Below is one of the brand new greetings cards for a ‘Tiny tot’!

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pampering and camping: the hen do!

By Alice on Monday July 28th 2008 at 13:54

The past week has mostly been about food! - - I went out for lunch with Becky B on Tuesday at Word of Mouth in Evesham and had a yummy goats cheese and onion marmalade sandwich - mmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Me and Mark and Jemima had an evening at Jana, John ords and Harveys - we had a really great BBQ and Jemima had great fun with a humonga tongue…

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happy, happy hen!

By Alice on Friday July 25th 2008 at 08:14

It’s my hen do today!!
i woke up all excited way too early and have peaked too soon…
And I had a great surprise in the post = my book club book has been found!!
It’s been all over the place and then got lost at the post office - but THANKFULLY Ann got hold of it and finished her pages - and now it’s back in my hands - it looks BRILLIANT…And I’d completely forgotten what it looked like - it’s lovely!

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the sun is out to play

By Alice on Tuesday July 22nd 2008 at 07:53

I had a meeting yesterday morning with Stuart from Splimple about some new card ranges.
I also sat in the sun on our brand new (nearly finished) patio!
It’s my hen do on Friday…

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work in the garden

By Alice on Monday July 21st 2008 at 07:47

On Friday night I made a big pan full of chilli and burnt it! Most of it was saved and we had it with this wine…nice!

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beautiful hollyhocks and attitude

By Alice on Thursday July 17th 2008 at 14:32

I LOVE hollyhocks - this one’s a lovely peachy-pink colour.
The one’s I’m growing at the bottom of our garden haven’t flowered yet - but I think they’ll be white (our next door neighbour Mick gave me the seeds last year which he collected on a fishing trip).

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Top selling greetings card designs

By Alice on Tuesday July 15th 2008 at 16:33

The top ten selling greetings card designs at the moment are:

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ellen’s hen do

By Alice on Monday July 14th 2008 at 10:09

Friday night was the start of Ellen’s hen do - ‘Cheers El’!!

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lots of new greetings card designs

By Alice on Thursday July 10th 2008 at 12:40

Yey - here come all the new design ideas - and i have so many that I’m having to be very selective! The new fairy range is coming along nicely - they entered life yesterday and are aimed at fairy-loving girls of all ages:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

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