August 2008

wonderful things

By Alice on Friday August 01st 2008 at 09:51

wonderful thing no 1.

well, last night I went along to Giffords Circus at Frampton on Severn - and it was absolutely AMAZING. It’s a bit like when I got back from Orkney and wanted/actually thought I’d become a farmer - I now want to/think I am actually going to run away and be a part of the circus. Totally brilliant - some of the best bits for me were the goose (called Brian!!) who waddled his way around the stage following a cart horse which was in turn followed by a man and a boy (that really tickled me!),  then there was this scary bear which at first you had a split second of thinking surely that cannot be real - then it obviously wasn’t - and then it did a very amusing dance, there was a hawk that flew right over my head - and the music throughout was incredible.

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