December 2017

gorgeous grandparents

By Alice on Friday December 15th 2017 at 07:32

this time of year it’s even more tricky to balance work, family time, and time with friends. Work gets silly-ly busy - and lizzy and I work most evenings and weekends (it tends to be 7 days a week for us through most of november and december). If we’re not at work, then we’re thinking we should be (or just thinking about it), knowing that the orders and work will be building up. And it’s always this time of year that things go wrong - this year (although we’ve totally loved the snow) it has put us back a couple of days because of postage issues, one of our printing machines has been a bit temperamental, and we always get colds and poorliness-es, and it’s also the time of year when we get LOTS of last minute jobs which are stressful to fit in, and we always get annoyed with each other… BUT it is ALWAYS lots of fun, and we love it, and it’s also the time (at the busiest time, of course), that I like to come up with lovely new design ideas! I seem to dream about them, or wake up with them! And this year - it’s the Grandma’s heart apron or bag - it’s really lovely and I think it will put a great big smile on grandma’s face (or nana, nan, granny, gran, nanny, nannie)


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