a busy old week…

By Alice on Sunday September 07th 2008 at 18:31

This week has been extremely busy! Monday was our only free evening - on Tuesday Liz and Charlie were over for dinner to enjoy an apple and blackberry crumble courtesy of the lovely apple tree in our garden - and some blackberries that me and Mark scrumped! Then I went to meet Andy to chat about my new website design and came away full of burps and with lots to do! And, YES !!! Prison Break started again on Tuesday evening and Matt kindly taped it for us (although we haven’t actually got round to watching it as yet!).

On Wednesday morning,  I had Judith - the Mary Poppins of accountants over to help me - which left me with even more to do, and we had Matt and Jana and J.O over for dinner that evening which was great fun (TOGETHER!) and we got to see all of Matt and J.O’s AMAZING photos over and OVER again!!

I rode Albi on Thursday morning and made a good start on my website work in the afternoon. In the evening we had dinner at Carlyn and Pauls (the secret diamond gang!) and we had lots of wedding and honeymoon photos to look at and it was part one of our ‘come dine with me’ competition! We had a haloumi starter which was delicious followed by a duck main course which was also delicious and left me and mark very worried about part 2 (our part!) which is the following Thursday.

I had the day off on Friday and went to Sutton on Sea on the east coast with Liz and Uncle Robert to see our Gramps. It took about 4 hours to get there and was very rainy…

We had a nice walk along the promenade - - I love all the beach huts…

And Jemima had a great time -
- running flat out onto the ‘No dogs allowed’ section and stopping to do a poo - very embarrassing!!
And very lucky no one else was about to see!

We had a liver & bacon lunch out with Gramps and then went back to show him all the wedding photos.
It was great to see him…

That evening when I got back, we raced round to Allie’s for dinner (as we only got back from Sutton at 7pm) and we had a lovely thai salmon curry. Here’s Jasmine - -

Then at 10:30pm we went in convoy with Liz and Charlie and the vans accross to Wales, with a quick stop at Bonjour. I was very grumpy and tired - Charlie got us all a twix and a hot chocolate, which helped!

We had an over night stop in Penclawdd (I love the name) and then in the morning made our way to llangennith.

When we got to the sea we had some breakfast and then went for a surf which was great. Afterwards we made some pasta for lunch and chilled out in the sunshine - yes! - sunshine - there was some!

We met all the wild ponies on our way home - and some foals - -

And had a stop off in Porthcawl for a walk - -

We got back at tea time on Saturday evening and felt worn out - but it was a BRILLIANT trip!

This morning I did some website work and then went out for a ride on Albi with Mark and his bike (the Trek 4500) and Jemima ...