a gorgeous day again.

By Alice on Thursday April 24th 2008 at 09:55

...i’m still eating porridge for breakfast and it feels all wrong now that the sun is shining so much… need to move on and into the summer with a summer cereal. nice!

nice flowers

Robinson’s Ad

However, as the day has gone on, showers have arrived - and then full on hail storms and massively heavy rain !! might stick to the porridge!!

This morning I went off to Broadway to get my engagement ring! feels very exciting and now I’m all properly engaged and everything. It’s all wrapped up downstairs - ready for Mark to re-propose!!

Broadway hotel

a quick walk

Emma and her little baby Izzy were here for lunch and mostly we ate pizza and blueberries and watched the hail/rain from the window. Em’s trying to decide which design to have for her nursery as a wall hanging. Off to the post office now before it shuts…