a look behind the scenes of the studio…

By Alice on Monday November 14th 2011 at 09:36

FROM the card and gift blog: ‘I’ve been checking out the Alice Palace Blog for so long that it seems long overdue that it should be my pick for Sunday Blog Spot. Alice Palace design gorgeous greetings cards and gifts; their blog is a look behind the scenes of the studio, as well as lots of glimpses of the world at large. Periodically there are posts introducing other artists, which are great to see as they give a glimpse of the likes and loves, which no doubt inspire the Alice Palace world. Blog posts are regular, so there’s always plenty to see. An added bonus for me is that there are always lots of nice photos to look at; a must on my favourite blogs!’

[thank you to the card and gift blog - v. kind!!]

have a look at the card and gift blog - there’s always something new to see, alongside the Alice Palace stuff!