a visit to Dublin…

By Alice on Friday March 28th 2008 at 10:12

Me and Liz set off for Dublin on Wednesday morning to see our cousin Lucy, and her husband Clive and their little girl Ella.

ryanair plane to dublin from birmingham

bus ticket

internet and phone shop - taken from the bus accross Dublin
We got there at lunch time and had some spicy pasta and then went off for a walk so that Ella would have a little sleep.

tree roots

dog sign

kids sign

We went off for a thai on Wednesday evening which was DELICIOUS! more delicious than any thai ever eaten before!

On Thursday we went off to the seaside! It was a gorgeous day and we had lunch at the Real Gourmet Burger where I had the special which was lamb burger with feta cheese, rocket and fig chutney - gorgeous!! Afterwards we had a walk along the pier and then went off to Bulloch Harbour to see some sea lions. Ella loved them!

Ella’s jumpsuit character

unicorn statue

the sea

the sea and the sky

dog walker sign

the Real Goumet Burger

my burger

Miss behavin boat


lamppost - they’re green in dublin

bulloch harbour

a boat called eileen

a boat called laura

blue house

crows nest

Girl una dublin

dublin boat

a sealion

We went for a drive along the coast and walked down to the sea…

the coastline

diving sign

the beach

liz and me

Thanks to Lucy, Clive & Ella for lots of fun!

car parking ticket