Artists open house - Brighton

By Alice on Tuesday May 27th 2008 at 16:02

I went off to Brighton at the weekend with Ellen to the Brighton festival of Artists Open Houses. This is held every year in May and it’s the first time I’ve been. It was brilliant - a bit strange at first just popping into other people’s houses and nosing about - but you soon get into it!! It’s nice to see all the houses, just as much as it’s nice to see all the art work - which is all for sale.

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These paintings were in the train station on the way to Brighton…

When we got to Brighton, we walked from the train station to our hotel
and passed lots of pavement art on the way - with poems by children which are really cool.

We got our lunch from Lanes Patisserie which is a great shop which sells mini lemon meringues!

I liked the name of this shop as it’s a bit Mark & Al all mixed up!

horrible hanging shoes! like in the Big Fish film…

We looked at Central Brighton Artists and Kemptown Artists on Saturday…

No Back Door was a great house:

And i love:

One of the open houses was in the hotel ‘Snooze Brighton’...a very cool place.
This is the dining area. All the rooms are themed. Will be staying there next time!

I loved this lovely potted garden…

This colour IS Brighton!

This is the back garden of one of the Open Houses that we visited on Sunday
(when we did the ‘Seven Dials Artists area) - The Ben Allen Venue.
- it is an amazing house and garden - and the artwork inside was one of the best.

And we had nice earl grey tea, flapjack and lemon cake in the garden!

These are examples of Ben Allen’s work
- They are created using variuos techniques including:
Acrylic, collage, spray paint, ink, silkscreen and varnish on canvas…

Other artists I liked at Ben Allen’s house included Maria Rivans
(Collage using vintage collectables, photography, fabrics, inks and oils):

and Kary Fisher

Another great house was ‘Square enough’.

And (last one!) another great place was The Tin Drum

Here’s the duck that’s had 8 x ducklings in my Mum’s pet shop’s garden!

Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack…quack!