Doug the pug’s website

By Alice on Tuesday November 24th 2015 at 07:43

I have had the pleasure of working with an old work friend and a lovely customer on this rather wonderful website!

‘I am so excited! Alice and Matt have made it so beautifully easy for me and it all looks so pretty too. I am thrilled with all they’ve done and I have very much enjoyed working with Alice who is a wonderful smoother of ruffled feathers!’ Cate, 05/11/15


‘I am so so pleased with all of the work that Alice and Matthew have done. Alice has brought everything to life so beautifully and so sympathetically. I appreciate that it has been a much much bigger job than she ever imagined - me too! I am so grateful that I saw her lovely wrapping paper in Waterstones in the King’s Road, all those many moons ago, and thought ‘That’s It!’ I just knew instinctively that the style was what I had been looking for and so glad that she took me on!’ Cate, 16/11/15