fishfingers and drizzle…

By Alice on Wednesday April 30th 2008 at 09:51

...this is what we are bought up on in England according to Jeremy Clarkson, when he was presenting Who’s line is it anyway - very funny I thought! And we had fishfingers (along with potoatoes, broad beans and tartar sauce)  for tea last night - inspired by the constant drizzle and rain!

I managed to complete 2 x new ‘Love’ greetings card designs yesterday:

‘No longer vacant’ AP213 - -

‘No longer vacant’

‘Mr & Mrs Absolutely-Right’ AP214 - -

‘Mr & Mrs Absolutely-Right’

These will be launched at Pulse which starts on the 1st June and runs for 3 days - there will be 33 new designs to see.

This is the instruction booklet for an energy meter that I’ve been working on - -

KWMC - Energy meter booklet - front cover

And this is the WISH Domestic Abuse poster - -

WISH Domestic Abuse poster for KWMC

I heard this funny thing on the radio this morning: the best way to stop hiccups is to think of a white horse lying on a beach!