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By Alice on Wednesday November 23rd 2011 at 08:55


3 of our cards were featured in Greetings Today magazine - yey!

and our personalised Christmas sack was featured on the edspire website…


‘What’s in Santa’s sack?
Heavy on a bright red back.

When I was in Year 6 of primary school (fourth year juniors as it was known then) my teacher, Mrs Foster, gave us this poem starter which I have never forgotten. When I think of Christmas and pictures fill my mind there is always a special sack of presents, delivered by Santa, just for me.

It is the strength of this image, this memory, that led me to buying Esther and William each a personalised Christmas sack that they will discover under the tree this Christmas morning, courtesy of Santa, via the shop of Alice Palace!
These beautiful sacks are perfect for filling with gifts for someone special in your life that you want to spoil this Christmas. They are printed individually to order on 100% cotton and measure 50cm x 75cm with a capacity of 38 litres.

I am so excited about seeing Esther and William find their sacks each Christmas for the years to come and to discover what has been hidden inside.

There is something so magical about Christmas and I want to keep the spirit of the season alive in our household for as long as possible. I feel strongly that special family Christmas traditions are the way to do that. To have the same things repeat each year that make us know that the festival magic has arrived again.

I love Christmas!!

The personalised sacks from Alice Palace are available online for just £16.00. They are a great investment for this Christmas and for Yuletides in years to come.