Happy New Year!

By Alice on Thursday January 03rd 2019 at 08:53

happy new year - it’s been a BIG year for Alice Palace with lots of changes, challenges and choices.

We’ve overcome many tests during 2018, mostly printer issues which caused much stress in February, March, and most particularly in November and December (our busiest months). In July we lost the majority of our work files which weren’t properly backed up and this added to the struggle and problems with our working relationship. Working with a sister has it’s ups and downs (like any relationship you have to work on it and that’s hard when you’re so busy with your job AND everything else that life throws at you) but what we’ve realised by dealing with our issues (with the help of our family) is that we can make it work and we do work really well together and we both really like what we do - it’s just that running a business can be extremely demanding and stressful, and you have to talk through your differences. And - it’s good to remember what you have overcome.

These are our top 9 instagram images which I think sum up Alice Palace very well;
all of the Alice Palace illustrated Museum of London products, hand lettering about buying from a small business, no dream is too big illustration, my son albi holding a papier-mâché whale we created for our home, little house plants illustration, my drawing desk in the sunshine, an illustration of the first home we purchased, a wonderful illustrated quote by Walter Winchell - Never above you, never below you, always beside you, and finally hand lettering which i greatly believe in ‘nobody else is you…that’s your secret power’


We did really well with our Etsy shop this year - it was the first year since joining that we put some work into selling on there, and it just shows, and it’s really lovely to be selling to Etsy buyers from cities and towns all over the world.

We’ve had a lot of repeat customers on our website and on noths, and when we get your reviews it makes it all worth it!

‘Received my order today. Thank you so much. Every little thing about it makes me want to weep with joy! What better thing than to receive a parcel in work telling me I’m so very wonderful! Order inside was amazing too btw! Highly recommend!’ Linda

‘I love this Christmas wrap! I ordered some last year and wished that I had more of last year’s London themed wrap. It’s so thick and beautiful. Everyone that receives a gift wrapped in this beautiful blanket of art always comments on the paper.’ Rachael

‘I bought three different personalised sacks for my kids. The Sacks have a really fun whimsical design which you can’t buy off the high street. The nicest I could find for the best price. Others I liked where way too expensive.. I love these designs and can’t wait to fill them on Christmas Eve. Really pleased with them.’

‘Beautiful invitations. Everyone commented how lovely they were.’ Personalised ‘Christmas Party’ Invitations, Irene

So although 2018 was a challenging year for Alice Palace - with mechanical failures, purchases we hoped we wouldn’t have to make, a busier year of sales with us running round like lunatics not knowing if we were coming or going BUT we overcame all of that, and our little business is still thriving.

Get ready for more big things from Alice Palace in 2019… we’re going to be 15 YEARS OLD in June!