leaping, leaping, leaping

By Alice on Friday February 29th 2008 at 10:24

An extra day in the year! Do something fun today - it won’t be happening for another four years…

leap year

The 29th is the 60th day of a leap year in the Gregorian Calendar, with 306 days remaining.

Hundreds of years ago the leap year day had no recognition in English law. The day was ‘leapt over’ and ignored, hence the term ‘leap year’.

This extra day is added to February every four years to bring the solar year of 365 ΒΌ days into line with the calendar year of 365 days.

A Leap Day Tradition
The one day of the year on which, traditionally, women can propose to men. It was considered that as the day also had no legal status, it was reasonable to assume that tradition had no status, so women took advantage of this and proposed to the man they wanted to marry.

Tonight is Ellen and Chris’s engagement party and me, Mark and Katie went along for a couple of hours and then went to Dakota… for the launch of their new website - designed by Nerv (which is where Mark works).

Dakota flyer


It was great fun - we had a VIP area and the place looks GREAT - so much better than before…



And I gave blood today - what a good deed.