like a lovely summer’s day

By Alice on Wednesday February 27th 2008 at 10:26

I went on a hack this morning and it was gorgeous weather.

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I love this painting by Richard Adams - it’s called The Kitchen Garden.

The Kitchen Garden

a nice butterfly

This butterfly was on the back of a card from Marks and Spencer.It makes me think of summer - nice!

I have been inspired to prune the hedges in the front garden this weekend - before the birds start to make their nests. And tonight we had corned beef for dinner - very exciting as I’d never opened a corned beef tin before (it’s fun!)...

corned beef!

corned beef!

corned beef…

Mum gave me the recipe (it was from the TV):
boil potatoes
fry onions till browned in olive oil
add chopped up gerkhins and capers
break up the corned beef and add
drain potatoes and add
add black pepper
serve with peas.
was very nice!