Live your dreams…

By Alice on Friday February 22nd 2008 at 10:28

We had an invite to Jana and John Ords for dinner last night - and I drove the camper van over there (it was so fun)!! We had a yummy dinner and got to look at all of their photos from New Zealand (they’re really good - especially when you get to hear the stories that go with them). Here’s a link to John Ord’s photography site:”>

live your dreams…

Here’s Jana’s Tuna Bake recipe:

4 cans of tuna, 2 cans of butter beans, 1 jar of green pesto, some lemon juice, garlic and onion - mix all together in casserole dish,  top with mashed potatoes and some cheese on top. Into the oven on 180 until cheese browns - put under the grill for a minute or two at the end if taking too long to brown. Enjoy!

20 of my prints are going into an exhibition at Hana Cafe in Japan - it starts on Monday 25th Feb.

They are taking:
AP130 One happy blur
AP131 Let me eat cake
AP132 Wibbly wobbly
AP133 Love story
AP134 Perfectly perfect
AP135 Lazy Sundae afternoon
AP142 Into your dreams
AP143 a bit nutty
AP169 Not that categorisable
AP175 Dolly
AP2 2 blue cats
AP9 Romancing rabbits
AP11 Smile dog
AP13 oh la la
AP16 long body + short legs
AP38 wherever you are
AP98 Bright golden daffodils
AP115 Enjoy the moment
AP128 Little sweet treat
AP129 More cupcakes

I found these funny illustrations the other day that I did a few years ago!

grey sway

fade jade