Lizzy’s month of fun!

By Alice on Friday June 05th 2009 at 07:31

I cannot believe it’s true, but Lizzy’s now been working here for one WHOLE month!


This is Lizzy!
Where has the month gone!!!! I can’t believe i’ve really been working for Alice Palace for a month already…..time flies when you are having fun!
I’ve had an excellent time and it’s wonderful actually looking forward to going to work, and enjoying it!!!!! I cycle to work everyday and so far I have been extremely lucky with the weather, good job really as I haven’t had chance to buy a mud guard yet!

I’ve learnt lots of new skills and even some old ones that I had completely forgotten about have been refreshed too… adding up!!!
I’ve had a meeting with Judith the accountant and had a three hour crammer session all about bank recs, vat returns, payroll, how to correct mistakes, inputting invoices etc etc, which was rather exhausting!!!
I’ve even made some all important sales!!

Overall I’ve had a brilliant first month and thoroughly enjoy my new job….. woo hoo!

A few questions for lizzy:
Your favourite design:  The new newt design from The wild outdoors range - Splish splosh (AP279)...


Your favourite range: Yummy Things

Your favourite day so far: Everyday!!!

Your bestest colour: turquoise

Your favourite drink: Tea!!

Your favourite food: Cream tea