lost walking boots

By Alice on Monday May 19th 2008 at 12:11

...my walking boots seem to be lost - has anyone seen them?!

These are some photos of an Alice Palace wall hanging in an actual nursey!

AP95 in nursery

‘Well the canvas is up and it looks amazing…’


Just finished this book….


These bars are nice - but not as nice as the soreen ones!

purple geobar

We watched this film last night - and it was really sweet. The sound track’s great too.

once - film

Our front garden has turned into a jungle - I keep sowing seeds/bulbs and forget what I’ve actually put in - and have ended up with way too many flowers fighting for space! Quite like it though - - there’s mostly iris and poppies.

the front garden’s jungle

I found these plates at a charity shop in Pershore and love them - there’s only two - one for me and one for MArk. I always think that the picture is us!

nice plate

And finally - I’m

I’m getting married!!!


How very exciting. Ellen very kindly got me a wedding planner - so I’d better get using it.

wedding planner from el