send a greeting card everyday this week

By Alice on Tuesday September 23rd 2014 at 03:17

it’s national thinking of you week… and me and lizzy have already excitedly sent out our 7 cards


here’s a photo of lizzy giving away free alice palace cards to the unsuspecting public that walked past our studio in evesham yesterday on their lunch breaks!
and here are our lists of why we sent our cards

1. a 16th birthday card to lauren
2. a thankyou card to aimee for a birthday present
3. a good luck card to carrie in her new job
4. to arrange a date night with hubby charlie
5. a note to a lovely neighbour
6. an invite to arrange a catch up roast dinner with friends
7. an rsvp to a 40th birthday party
1. my sister zoe to say thankyou for looking after our pup emily
2. our old neighbour mick for looking after jemima dog
3. a very belated birthday card to lizzy! (eek!!)
4. a party invite to albi’s friend dora
5. a thankyou for some rugby shoes for albi
6. a hello to Albi’s great nanny
7. a thankyou to jana for a fun sleepover


what will yours be??