thank you to ALL the wonderful Alice Palace customers!

By Alice on Tuesday June 24th 2014 at 03:59

Thanks to all of you for the orders you have placed to help us this month with our 10 year celebration!

we had a such a lovely email after our the first of our ‘10th birthday’ special offers…
Hello and good morning Alice Palace people!
Happy Friday!
Happy Birthday!

Thank you for the wonderful cards I ordered on Friday afternoon which arrived first thing Saturday morning. How on earth did you did that?
Do you have Speedy Gonzalez in your team?
Did Road Runner leg it (and back) to North London in the night?

I LOVED the additional five you enclosed - the perfect choice and such a super surprise!

For brightening lives with your wonderful designs and fantastic service I hereby award you the sunshine smile of the year!

Best wishes
I will be back soon - OOOH how I love your designs!
Karen, 13/06/14