The Big Book of Craft Interviews

By Alice on Saturday December 22nd 2012 at 09:24

We did an interview for Art of Crafts and it’s been included in a book, which was launched on Kindle today = The Big Book of Craft Interviews: Volume 2, by Alison Wood


‘I would like to thank you again for taking part in the interviews and wish you every success for your future business.’ Alsion Wood, 20 December 2012


Following on from the success of The Big Book of Craft Interviews, we now bring you Volume 2.

The introductory section of this volume explores crafting for pleasure, and what it can bring to our lives, and it also explores crafting as a business. We look at some of the key outlets for selling your crafts, if that is an area that interests you, and how you can bring visitors to your business through social marketing.

The book then explores how 15 more crafters have turned their love of crafting into a career. There are interviews with ten very successful craft business owners, who cover such diverse areas as paper craft, jewelry design and felting, to name but a few.

Some of these people are running their business on a small scale, while they juggle other work and family commitments, whilst others have built full-time businesses making their main income with their crafts. These crafters are of all ages and walks of life, but what unites them is the passion they have for what they do and the great advice they offer for others who would like to follow their path.

The book also features interviews with five leading handmade design experts, who all run successful online classes. Author and knitter Susan B Anderson, jewelry designer Aga Kruk, paper crafter Megan Hoeppner, amigurumi crochet designer Stacey Trock and fiber artist Carol Ann Waugh, all share their expertise with us in their respective areas of craft and design.

Volume 2 builds on the first book and provides a fascinating insight, not only into the lives of other crafters, but also into how you can bring the joy of crafting into your own life, whether for business or pleasure.

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