We are still open for business

By Alice on Thursday March 26th 2020 at 14:30

I work from home and although I have a husband and children here with me now, I can still keep the business going (as long as the mail keeps delivering).

People will still be having birthdays and anniversaries and babies, retiring, and wanting to buy Father’s Day gifts. I’m trying to focus on keeping my little company going, to stay helpful in supporting customers, and to carry on.

Our weaving, crochet and knitting bags make wonderful presents because keeping crafty and creative is a great way to help keep your spirits high.


I’ve been doing crafty projects everyday with the kids and will be trying to share these on my instagram account.

This is one of them…all you need is a bunch of old magazines, some scissors, and glue.


Pick your favourite shape and cut it out in 3 sizes, then collage colour in with your 3 favourite colours (rip out bits of your chosen colour from the magazines and stick them onto the shape).
After collaging you can re-cut the shape neatly from the back and then stick onto your choice of paper/sketchbook. If you collage both sides of the shapes, they can also be made into mobiles.