Flyers for eco cleaning company

By Alice on Thursday 21st October 2021

This was a fun flyer to work on - a real life cleaning fairy!

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National Baking Week

By Alice on Thursday 14th October 2021

This year National Baking Week falls between the 14th and 20th October and encourages people of all abilities to bake at home. Britain’s fascination with baking and cooking grows year on year, and baking at home is as popular as ever, especially when Bake Off is on!

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World Space Week

By Alice on Monday 4th October 2021

World Space Week is officially defined as "an international celebration of science and technology, and their contribution to the betterment of the human condition" and is celebrated from October the 4th to the 10th.

This personalised bag is for space fans learning all about our solar system - the lovely space design features an astronaut (boy or girl), rockets, planets, stars and UFO's! Explore, dream, discover...

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Personalised Best Friends Mug

By Alice on Thursday 30th September 2021

'Bought for a friend she loves it'

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Collecting flowers from the garden to press

By Alice on Thursday 23rd September 2021

We collected these flowers in the garden on the 1st September, they'll be in the press for a couple of weeks

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Trying tie dye

By Alice on Friday 17th September 2021

We spent an afternoon doing tie dye with some white hoodies, tshirts and a towel - it was great fun.

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Pressing flowers from the garden

By Alice on Thursday 9th September 2021

I found my old flower press and started pressing flowers again - thought it'd be nice to do 3 or 4 times a year (or just whenever I remember!) for a little garden story.

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Personalised Wild Swimming Bags

By Alice on Wednesday 1st September 2021

Submerging yourself in 10-degree water might not be everyone’s idea of winter fun, but this bag is for those that love open water swimming, getting outdoors, embracing winter swims, chilly dips, the coastal life and sea swimming, and cold water therapy in lakes and rivers. There are 6 different designs to choose from...

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It's international dog day

By Alice on Thursday 26th August 2021

Here are some great gifts for dog lovers

:: https://shop.alicepalace.co.uk/products/personalised-dog-lovers-bag

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Personalised mugs from Alice Palace

By Alice on Thursday 19th August 2021

We have lovely personalised mugs, pefect for every member of the family

:: https://shop.alicepalace.co.uk/products/personalised-magnificent-adventure-mug

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