Nature journalling editorial illustration

By Alice on Thursday 23rd May 2024

I really enjoyed creating these papercut editorial illustrations.

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Mental Health Awareness Week - focussing on good mental health.

By Alice on Thursday 16th May 2024

It's mental health awareness week - until the 19th May. And ‘Movement: Moving more for our mental health’ is the theme for 2024. Regular physical activity is known to improve mental health, quality of life, and wellbeing.

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Personalised Triathlon Story Storage Sack

By Alice on Thursday 9th May 2024

I love making these personalised sport storage sacks - we do them for cycling and for triathlons.

'The bag was such beautiful quality and my husband was so pleased with his gift! Happily using it for his triathlons now!'

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Some recent personalised gifts

By Alice on Thursday 2nd May 2024

These are some recent orders that have made me smile...

:: https://shop.alicepalace.co.uk/products/personalised-travel-laundry-bag

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Printed ceramic tiles

By Alice on Thursday 25th April 2024

I made a few of these ceramic tiles for presents last year

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Drawing randomly picked out charades card prompts

By Alice on Thursday 18th April 2024

I'm really enjoying this year's 100 day project, it's fun to see which card I pick out and then have to draw for the next 3 days... here's monkey, chopsticks and Christmas day!

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Illustrated icons

By Alice on Thursday 11th April 2024

I recently created these illustrated icons with a foraging theme...

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Making patterns

By Alice on Thursday 4th April 2024

I've been making lots of patterns and textures for use in my illustration work - it's lots of fun and useful too!

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Recent illustrated products I've enjoyed creating

By Alice on Thursday 28th March 2024

A deerhound hoodie

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Whisky wins

By Alice on Thursday 21st March 2024

53 bottles of Scotch whisky are exported every second! Our whisky aprons are perfect for malt whisky lovers, and malt masters.

:: https://shop.alicepalace.co.uk/products/personalised-whiskey-apron

International Whiskey Day is a yearly celebration on March 27th.

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