I finished my daily illustration project

By Alice on Thursday 30th May 2024

I completed the 100 day project again this year! It's my 7th year doing it!

I've attempted the 100 days since 2018, with varying amounts of success;

In 2018, the first time I did it I set my expectations way too high (thinking I'd write and illustrate a children's book!) - and I only got to day 58.

In 2019, I picked an easier theme of springtime, but I started late and ended up too far behind and then went into a very busy time with work and only got to day 67.

In 2020, probably helped by lockdown limitations, I did it. I had no plan, and no theme, and just created whatever I felt like! (and this did make it very difficult some days).

In 2021 I split the project 50/50 with illustrating characters with different emotions, and then endangered species and completed 100 days again.

In 2022 I started with illustrating things I love, and then progressed onto african safari as a new theme and I managed the 100 days in the end, but finished 7 months late!

In 2023 I picked countrylife as my illustration theme and I started on time, finished on time and really enjoyed my daily art project.

This year I chose to illustrate the prompts on children's charades cards. I found it really hard at the beginning and kept wanting to change the card I'd picked - but once I'd made it a rule that I couldn't change the card and I had to illustrate those 3 prompts for the next 3 days, I found it much easier and it made me create illustrations of many things new things.