Daily illustration project

By Alice on Thursday 14th March 2024

I'm a quarter of the way through my 100 day project.

I wasn't 100% sure about the idea of drawing all the prompts from kids charades cards - and tried to get out of it (even though it was my own idea, and I'd chosen to do it!). But now I've got into it and I'm enjoying the challenge!

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Alice Palace illustrated wrapping paper is eco friendly

By Alice on Thursday 7th March 2024

'I love the quirkiness of the print, and the paper itself is of great quality and made wrapping gifts a real pleasure! Very unique! Thanks!'

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#SBS Supporting small business in the UK

By Alice on Thursday 29th February 2024

Small Business Sunday, shortened to the hashtag #SBS on social media, was created by Theo Paphitis in October 2010. I became a winner in 2018, and have been attending the brilliant events that they hold every year ever since.

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It's real bread week

By Alice on Wednesday 21st February 2024

The Real Bread Campaign, (17-25 February 2024) encourages people around the globe to:

  • BAKE Real Bread
  • BUY Real Bread
  • BOOST the Real Bread Campaign

And our Personalised Bread Storage Bag is the perfect addition to the week!

:: https://shop.alicepalace.co.uk/products/personalised-bread-storage-bag

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Daily illustration project

By Alice on Wednesday 14th February 2024

I've come up with a starting point for my 100 day art project - I've decided to use 'charades for kids' cards and to pick a subject from one of the cards at random everyday! Quite excited to get illustrating.

I'm thinking the illustrations will be based on doing words and will be characters - a bit like this one flipping a pancake that I did yesterday, before eating lots of pancakes!

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Spring is just around the corner!

By Alice on Thursday 8th February 2024

It might be a bit dark and rainy today, but coming up is; Chinese New Year, half term, pancake day, valentines day, and lighter evenings! Lots to be looking forward to...

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The 100 day project starts soon - your own daily art project

By Alice on Thursday 1st February 2024

The 100 day project is a great way to make yourself spend time doing something you love, and otherwise would not find the time for! I've attempted the 100 days since 2018, with varying amounts of success.

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Saying thankyou

By Alice on Thursday 25th January 2024

We have lots of lovely thankyou cards

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The Great Pottery Throw Down

By Alice on Thursday 18th January 2024

I've always loved pottery, having done it at school and also a ceramics course at Stroud college. The Great Pottery Throw Down is soooo good this year, so far they've made a roast dinner set and gluggle jugs! And pottery bag sales are on the up!

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Hi, have a good day!

By Alice on Tuesday 9th January 2024

Here's to lots of GOOD days in 2024... January's great for making lots of plans, and starting new notebooks that are full of ideas.

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