Personalised packs of greeting cards to say hello

By Alice on Thursday 11th June 2020

My favourite kind of brief…

...feel free to design away with the information below…

Hello from Susie, age 3, loves tinkerbell, butterfly’s and being outside.

Hello from Alex, Caren and JAMS, wellies or walking shoes going down in size (there are 6 of us dad, mum and then boy girl boy girl) again outdoors, family loves rugby, butterflies, bikes, music.

Hello from Lesley-Anne, a very keen gardener and loves her flowers and vegetables in equal measure.

Hello from Meg, teenager, keen netball player, dancer and singer (doesn’t like pink).



It’s heartwarming to see that people are finding ways to connect with their loved ones during this difficult time and I love helping this happen. Many customers are ordering personalised greeting cards to send to friends and family to lift their spirits, let them know they’re loved, and to acknowledge milestones they would otherwise be celebrating together.