Illustration & design from Alice Palace

As well as creating lots of lovely products, I also offer a design and illustration service. I love working as an illustrator and graphic designer - drawing, making patterns and hand drawn lettering - to create what you need, bringing originality to every project … please give me (Alice) a call on 01386 244703 to discuss your ideas.


Below are some design, illustration, logo and hand drawn typography projects that I have worked on.

T shirt designs for Boden
‘We have decided to use elements from the Summer Holiday design for our Johnnie B girls range (for girls aged 8-16yrs). We think they will love your handwriting, and that the tees are unique ‘Alice Palace for Boden’.


Oxfam - greeting cards for Oxfam to sell in their shops throughout the UK
“It's been wonderful to work with you - we've made a lot of money for Oxfam, and I know you can go a very long way. I meant what I said about the next Cath Kidston - keep reaching for the stars!.”

Museum of London - bespoke design
“Our brief to Alice for this was that the London range should be fun, light-hearted, whimsical and quirky. What she designed is all that and more and it’s flying off the shelves! I loved working with Alice, she was full of ideas and open to lots of input.”


Illustrations for Desmonds Dragon, a picture book by Anne Stairmand
‘I would like to thank Alice Palace for such vibrant illustrations which make the characters come to life’.

'A lovely story to read with my four year old with beautiful bright illustrations. Perfect book for pre schoolers.'

:: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Desmonds-Dragon-Perfectly-Stories-Collection/dp/095692347X

Logo design for Cotswold Recruitment
‘Thanks so much Alice, it was great fun working with you and so pleased with my logo - it’s perfect!’ Becky

Graphic design and illustration for Doug the Pug: A Working Dog’s Tale by Cate Archer
‘Doug is a working dog who works with children in the classroom. This is an amusing, heartwarming, informative book which is well illustrated.’

'A lovely story to read with my four year old with beautiful bright illustrations. Perfect book for pre schoolers.'

:: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Doug-Pug-Working-Dogs-Tale/dp/1910455156

Website design for Doug the Pug’s very own site
‘I am so so pleased with all of the work that Alice and Matthew have done. Alice has brought everything to life so beautifully and so sympathetically. I appreciate that it has been a much much bigger job than she ever imagined - me too! I am so grateful that I saw her lovely wrapping paper in Waterstones in the King’s Road, all those many moons ago, and thought ‘That’s It!’ I just knew instinctively that the style was what I had been looking for and so glad that she took me on!’ Cate

:: https://dougthepugtherapydog.com

Logo design for Low farm Nursery & Therapy Centre
‘Everything you sent looks fantastic and we are very happy with the various logos and designs. Thanks for all your hard work, if I can help you out with testimonials or recommendations etc I would be very happy to do so. Many thanks.’ Nick


Logo design for The Silver Birch Childrens Trust
‘We love your logo for the Silver Birch Children’s Fund.’