A logo for Cotswold Recruitment

By Alice on Friday March 03rd 2017 at 08:00

‘Thank you so much for final logo design….it is perfect, I’m thrilled! Thanks again for all your wonderful work!’ Becky, 03/02/17


Becky wanted a few variations of the logo - so she could use the hat and just the words alone if required.

‘Thanks so much for sending these across and for all the info too. I will be in touch if there’s anything else I need design wise. Many thanks and best wishes.’ Becky, 08 February 2017

‘Thanks so much Alice, it was great fun working with you and so pleased with my logo - it’s perfect! X’ Becky, March 3 2017

You can find Cotswold Recruitment here
:: http://www.cotswoldrecruit.co.uk
:: https://www.facebook.com/jobsinthecotswolds