Animal magic

By Alice on Thursday May 15th 2008 at 09:44

Yesterday I rode Beanie out in the morning with Anna and we passed some kids in camouflage in the undergrowth with guns which was very funny. A man told us to sit tight if they started firing (luckily they didn’t). And on my way to the yard, there was a man in the road trying to fight cars like they were bulls with his jumper!

Below are some of Charlie’s photos of Jemima at Castlemorton Quarry
- - we discovered that she’s a secret water-dog…

the quarry dog!

shake down

This is another of the Amazing Archive exhibition boards. I love the old horse & cart photo
- taken when I was born!!

Amazing archive - board 7

Amazing archive - board 4

I’m in Progressive Greetings again!

Progressive Greetings  - May innovations

Progressive Greetings Supplement - humour