Beach life for seaside fun

By Alice on Monday April 21st 2008 at 09:56

My new range called ‘Beach life’ ‘which consists of 8 illustrations depicting the fun you can have at the seaside is now complete and ready for the launch at Pulse on June 1st.

Beach life logo

Reasons to love the seaside - I asked people for their repsonses - here are some of the best!
1. running, leaping and diving under the waves
2. exhaling and sinking slowly to the bottom
3. blowing bubbles underwater whilst holding hands with someone you love
4. sinking my feet into the sand and watching whilst the tide buries them
5. watching the sun sparkle off the sea
6. daring someone to jump off the biggest of sandunes

AP194 ‘Splendid memories’
(This is AP194 ‘Splendid memories’)

7. gazing into the blue whilst rainbow fish and turtle friends breeze past my eyes
8. lilo lying & soaking up the sun with my pal
9. the smell
10. the sound of the pebbles when you walk on them
11. running into the sea in just your bra and pants
12. eating icecream
13. collecting shells

AP201 ‘Very special’

(This is AP201 ‘Very special’)

14. looking for bits & bobs that have been washed up by the sea
15. the sound
16. the space
17. people watching
18. happy dogs charging about!
19. looking for whales!!
20. feeling really excited in anticipation of what it will be like
21. the first sight of the sea
22. changing state of the sea, clouds, weather
23. checking out the rock pools
24. rock climbing and finding new coves
25. paddling in the sea
26. jumping waves
27. swimming
28. skimming pebbles
29. making sandcastles
30. angry seas

Yellow’s everywhere… Oil seed rape is starting to take over!

oil seed rape time

beaumonde fabric card

I like this fabric card by Beaumonde.