best part of my day

By Alice on Sunday February 24th 2013 at 08:15

[no. 362 of 365 - only 4 to go!]

best parts of my day include…
albi shouting ‘breakfast ready’ up the stairs to me in the morning (sometimes he gets so excited the wrong words come out, once it was ‘pumpkin seeds’!)
the robin that sings to us in the park on our way to work/nursery
jemima sniffing out a treat at the studio
getting creative
finding something i’ve lost!
biscuits in the biscuit tin (real treat!)
a nice cup of tea
picking up albi from nursery
mark coming home
singing twinkle twinkle with albi
watching home and away (guilty pleasure)
peeling/eating an orange
finding some lovely new art/illustration curtesy of the internet
a glass of wine
time for bed!