hello chicken

By Alice on Wednesday March 18th 2015 at 05:34

this was the 15th ever alice palace design published….and was inspired by one of our first trade shows in london - our stand was next to a man who, for some reason we called hello chicken - have no idea why now as it was nearly 10 years ago!


having the 79p on the front would have probably confused people buying the cards, and I look at it now and think it’s wayyyyy tooooo brown in colour - but many of my cards were back then - i think it’s coming from a country background.
This is a more recent version of the hello chicken design done in gold and blush pink colouring for Rachel and Nigel’s wedding stationery…
you can see more of their stationery here :: http://www.alicepalace.co.uk/blog/entry/wedding-stationery-rachel-nigel