meet the maker

By Alice on Thursday March 10th 2016 at 09:45

i have been taking part in the instagram challenge called #marchmeetthemaker - each day there’s a new prompt to tell your business story. I’ve done 10 days so far - and it’s been really fun, but is actually harder than I thought it would be because it makes you think about what you’re doing, rather than just doing it!


Joanne Hawker started the challenge ::

Day 1 is Brand image.
I designed the Alice Palace logo 12 years ago when I first started the business and it’s created in illustrator from my handwriting. I make hand illustrated greeting cards, wrap, wedding stationery and personalised gifts and my brand comes from my love of creating illustrations and words to make you smile.

Day 2 is you.
Alice Palace nearly didn’t happen because when I finished my A levels, I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to go to art college or work with horses. Horses won and I took a year out - but then I started an art foundation course, and went on to do a graphic design degree. I’m very lucky as I still get to hang out with horses (this is me with my horse Topper who’s a real character!), and I get to be all arty and creative too.


Day 3 is workspace.

This is the studio where I work - it is lovely, and usually a little bit messy!

Day 4 is tools.
My designs start out as hand drawn illustrations created in various different ways using lots of tools and materials.

Day 5 is can’t live without.
Walks with my girls, fun with my boys, and adventures on horseback (I love my time with each of them).


Day 6 is raw materials.
I have a big stash of paper, material, ribbon, and old wallpaper (left in the loft of our house). I use these to help colour my illustrations, and normally end up stuck in the room because of the mess I make!

Day 7 is how & why.
I started out with the idea that Alice Palace products would be hand drawn, ecofriendly, and created in the uk. I’m a creative at heart and have a real love of nature, so combining illustration and helping the planet makes me feel happy.

Day 8 is where.
Our studio is in Evesham which suits perfectly because I can walk into work with the dogs. It’s close to the river, the shops, and the v important post office!


Day 9 is goals
To keep introducing new illustrations, designs, products and services that lead to happy customers. It would also be nice to become more efficient and organised!

Day 10 is favourite small business.
I found Ethel & Co on instagram and had to place an order (which is still a secret!). Shhhhh….they create personalised family heirlooms.

and you can see all my pics here ::