Winston’s Wish

By Alice on Tuesday April 29th 2008 at 09:52

The Magical wishes range of Alice Palace greetings cards has now raised over £490 for the charity Winston’s Wish - 10 pence is donated to Winston’s Wish with the sale of each of the 8 designs within the Magical wishes range.  The top selling design is still ‘Happiness, smiles & laughter’ AP94, closely followed by ‘Your own rainbow’ AP97 and ‘Favourite days’ AP92.

letter from Winston’s Wish - dated 250408

AP92 ‘Favourite days’ - one of the top selling designs from the Magical wishes range.

AP92 ‘Favourite days’ - one of the top selling designs from the Magical wishes range.

It says: ‘When I think of my favourite days, you are always there.’ (which is a text that my friend Ellen sent to me) and also adds: ’ There should always be time to have fun’.

Winston’s Wish greetings card  - front

Winston Wish’s greetings card - back

We had falafels for dinner last night - with salad and yoghurt & mint sauce and pitta breads.

falafel mix

falafel mix illustrations

I like these illustrations which were on the back of the packet. I seem to be attracted to anything red at the moment - Just got a new red surf board too! I’m the strawberry of the opal fruit team!! I know it isn’t red - but I really like the seeds of change adverts - and their pasta and sauces!

Seeds of Change advert

This morning, I got an email from my friend Kate who has just started a new job: Each day at work we have a ‘thought of the day’ I felt today’s was a poignant one so would forward it on! ‘Love is hard work and hard work sometimes hurts.’ I like that! Got some good news in the post as well - -

Federation of small Businesses - champions 08

Dear Alice

‘It is with great pleasure that I write to let you know that your business has been selected to go through to the next round of judging…. ’ YEY!!!!!

Today I am working on an energy meter booklet for Knowle West Media Centre and doing some new ‘Love’ designs for my greetings card range.