Alice Palace greeting cards are created and printed in the UK using quality uncoated recycled post-consumer FSC board, FSC recycled envelopes, biodegradable bags, and of course Alice’s fun and imagination! = VERY green greeting cards!!


Having a positive impact on the world is important to us (we add fun into the world and our products make people smile), so we stay as environmentally friendly as possible by recycling as much as we can, using recycled and biodegradable products and all our products are printed in the UK.

A few more acts of greenness…
Our wrap is designed and printed in England on 100% recycled paper, using vegetable based inks and renewable energy - Alice walks to work everyday with her dogs - Lizzy cycles to work everyday dressed in lots of lovely looking fluorescent outfits and usually arrives with her dogs and crazy hair - All of our orders are sent out in boxes that we collect and then reuse from other businesses - Nearly all of our waste paper is recycled - Our cards and wrap can be easily recycled :: we don’t use foil, flitter, glitter or oil-based laminates.